Guest Lectures


Event Topic Film Making and Acting
Category Guest Lecture
Date & Day 3rd December, 2022

Report of Guest Lecture


The School of Journalism and Mass Communication at IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus organized a guest lecture on Film Making and Acting: Challenges and Possibilities. The purpose behind organizing this guest lecture was to make the students understand the nuances of the film industry and the profession of acting. Understanding the industry is of paramount importance for students which provides good prospects to choose their career as an entertainment journalist, film reviewer, actor, and film-maker. The main objective behind organizing this session was to give students an exposure to the relevant subject and external expert from the industry to enhance their thinking process about media trend particularly in film studies.

The expert speaker of the lecture session was Mr. Nasir Abdullah. He is a renowned film actor and has featured in various films, namely, Page 3, Mitr, Om Shanti Om and most recently Bachchan Pandey.

The event was inaugurated with the National Anthem followed by the address of Director, Prof. Dr. Ajay Kumar and Head of Department, Prof. Anil Nigam. The guest speaker talked about his journey from a behind the stage production person to a camera facing actor. He stressed on the importance of good accent, orating skills and body language. Shedding light on his pre production journey with the team of the film, Gandhi, Mr Nasir talked at length about the impact the industry had on his character. After the lecture, the students enthusiastically participated in the question and answer session. Mr. Nasir effectively answered all the doubts zealously. The lecture was concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Prof. Sandhya Sharma.

Learning outcome:

The event turned out to be a productive lecture session that helped students learn about the industry of film making and acting. Apart from the glossy nature of the profession, Mr. Nasir provided an effective insight into the actual scope and working of the industry. The event served it’s purpose in inculcating the practical knowledge of the industry in students.