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Event Topic Lecture Series Day-1 for Social Media
Category Guest Lecture
Date & Day 3rd December, 2022

REPORT ON: "Lecture Series Day-1 " for Social Media

Detailed Report:

The Journalism and Mass Communication department at IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus always keeps its students on their toes and comes up with great opportunities to learn from professionals from the industry.

Film industry and journalism are like brothers and film journalism is a great career for a student of journalism and mass communication. To discuss the present and future prospects of career in film journalism the department organized a talk with Shri Sanjeev Srivastava on 21st August 2021.

Shri Sanjeev Srivastava is a great name in the field of film journalism and is a renowned film analyst. Mr. Srivastava is a writer too, with many publications.

In the session he discussed the career as a film journalist; qualities required and the work of a film analyst and explained the students about how the career prospects as a film journalist has transformed from the very first film Alam Ara to till date when movies like Bell Bottom are releasing. He also shared how students can sculpt their skills to become a great film analyst. Students were given the great opportunity to interact and ask questions from Mr. Srivastava overall the session was very well organized and turned out to be a great learning experience for all.