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Event Topic Invent 2023
Category Invent 2023
Date & Day 13th October, 2023

We are delighted to announce INVENT 2023, an Inter-Institutional Technical Fest, hosted by the School of Computer Science on 13/10/2023. The event will be a learning experience for students, which brings diverse youth under one platform to unleash their technical talent and realize their true potential. 


INVENT-2023 is planned for students to showcase their knowledge and skills by participating in various IT events to help in enhancing their academic excellence and  redefining their personality. Instilling a sense of competition and allowing for social contact and advancing with other contestants will help students cope with the diverse business environment.


Event Highlights :


Blind Coding : 

  • Two programs will be given to each participant. They have to code with their monitors off. The participant completing the task with minimum number of errors to win
  • Individual participation.
  • Participants should bring their ID cards
  • Every participant will get same time for a given problem.
  • Any participant caught cheating will be directly disqualified.
  • Programs given can be solved in any language (C,C++, Python or JAVA) preferable to the participant.
  • Every participant should only use the rough papers given to them to do any calculations.


IT Rangoli :

  • It's a theme based Rangoli creation competition based on inventive concepts. The participants will be required to create Rangoli with different colors and materials showing some theme which are given below


  • Role of IT in G20
  • Google doodle
  • Role of IT in space (Chandrayaan 3)


  • Team Strength:-Maximum three participants in a team.
  • The participants must bring their own materials (dry color, flowers etc.)
  • Time duration is 45 minutes.


IT Quiz :

  • This is an IT related knowledge testing competition in which there are two rounds.
  • Team Size: Individual participation.
  • Round One: Screening round, all the participants will be given 20 MCQ based on General IT awareness. Based on the result 8 participants will be selected.
  • Round two: 4 teams, with 2 members would be formed. Rounds will be explained on the spot.


Lan Gaming :

  • 5 members per team.
  • Members of the team should be from the same Institute/College.
  • Rounds will be explained on the spot.


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