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Event Topic MIB Freshers Party 2k18
Date & Day 29th September, 2018


MIB Freshers Party 2k18

The setting was tremendous; at first the freshmen were welcomed with roses by seniors. Then the Director ma'am Mrs. Sapna Rakesh gave a motivational speech to start the program. MIB Course Chairperson Prof. Kapil Mohan Garg sang a song in his beautiful voice.
The selection process was categorized in three rounds:
1. The Introduction and Ramp walk round: This round was designed to introduce all of the participants and also to check their confidence level. At first all the contestants gathered up on the stage and did a ramp walk one by one. The sight was extraordinary. All of them did a great job. The stage setting, the music, the lights everything was awesome. Then they had to introduce themselves in the most unique way. All of the participants did well. And we got to know that there can be some creative and funny ways in which we can introduce ourselves.
2. The Talent Round: As the name suggests in this round the participants showed their talent. There are so much hidden gems in this class. There was singing, dancing, speech, stand up comedy, music playing and everything that you can think of. In singing there were Vardan Singhal, Nakul Sirohi, Avantika Agarwal, Kartikey Chandra and Sumit Shivhare.In dancing Paras Dixit, Shubham, Priya and Abhishek Gupta showed their talent. Abhinav Dixit and Jerin K. Thomas did a speech on friendship and life. In stand-up comedy there were Monica Sharma, Shreya Chawla, Vaibhav Tyagi. They did exceptionally well.In music playing, Nivesh Rastogi and Shubham Shrama played music on their hand held devices. Nivesh Rastogi Played EDM.
3. Q&A Round: Q&A round was conducted to check the presence of mind of the contestants. At the Q&A round only 8 shortlisted contestants were there. Prachi Chowdhary, Monica, Priya and Shreya in girls and Paras Dixit, Nakul Sirohi, Jenrin K. Thomas and Kundan Ray in boys category. Judges asked them different Questions and they gave the answers.Vibhu Agrawal and Swati Munjal stole the title of Mr. and Mrs. Best dressed. Prachi Cowdhary and Jerin k. Thomas won the title of Mr. and Mrs. Confident. Now the results time arrived. Although all the shortlisted participants were deserving but only two of them were destined to be the Mr. and Mrs. Fresher of MIB batch 2018-20. And the title went to Kundan Ray and Monica Sharma. After the contest round the senior batch performed. Everyone was gleeful after seeing their spectacular performance.

Then all the faculty members who were present there did a ramp walk. The crowd was amazed after watching their vivid performance. Prize distribution was also conducted to distribute the prizes of sports event. This joyous Party ended after the cake cutting and snacks.