Start - Up Conclave 2019

"The Way to get Started is to Quit Talking and Start Doing."

With a strong sense of purpose and the intent to influence the startup climate, cultivate the spark of entrepreneurial values among young minds who will be leading the path to New India, Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) - Management Department organised "Start Up Conclave 2019" to create a platform for young entrepreneurs who are striving to become a disruptive force and contribute to the development of the people and society. It aimed to identify innovations and startups, materialize the avenue to provide exposure, education and capacity building besides mentoring and incubation for startups and hand hold innovators. The entire scope of the program encompassed ENventure - Business Plan Competition, Start Up Expo and Panel Discussion on the theme "Role of Incubators, Venture Capitalists, Government Policies, Academia and other Facilitators for Promoting an Entrepreneurial Economy" followed by Start Up Excellence Awards to recognize startup for their outstanding contribution in various domain areas.

Dr. Lalit Kumar (Honorary Senior Vice President & Advisor with Sulabh International) was the Chief Guest for the day accompanied Keynote Speaker - Mr. Sudhir Mohan Mittal (Director - Sukriti Vidyut Udyog Pvt. Ltd.) and Guest of Honor - Dr. Shashi Singh (Chairperson - Consortium of Women Entrepreneurs of India). The Conclave began with the registration of participants in ENventure - Business Plan Competition and Start Up Expo.More than 200 delegates, 21 teams from various colleges registered for Business plan competition and more than 23 stalls from various companies registered in Start up expo. The event was inaugurated by all the dignitaries by seeking the blessings of mother Saraswati followed by the welcome address by Dr. Sapna Rakesh - Director IMS, Ghaziabad University Courses Campus captivated the young minds and shared the elaborative process that enabled in building the Entrepreneurship Specialization course in management education at IMSUC. Students coming from varied backgrounds have distinct expectations and what they want to churn out of their degree is dependent on directing the energizes resonating with their motives in life. She announced with pride that 30 students of IMS have blossomed into the entrepreneurial scene with their ventures and 9 of them are running registered enterprises. Ma'am also expressed her insights on Global Index of Entrepreneurship in context to India (Being on 69th rank of 137) and emphasized on the fact that we need to match with world pace to create successful business ventures.

Guest of Honor, Dr. Shashi Singh, expressed his views about mentorship plans, her work in cluster development in the informal sector and promoting startup especially focusing on 'Women Entrepreneurship'. She talked about integrals of choosing a project and developing the right ecosystem. She gave various examples to echo her hypothesis based around how easy it is to start off. Key points from her speech entailed:
Relevance of Intellectual Property
Sustainable Consumption
Responsible Production with ethics
Developing startup ecosystem

Keynote Speaker - Mr. Sudhir Mohan Mittal
asked the students to question their motives and what do they want out of their life - 'Citing a choice between a placement with package or your own enterprise'. He progressed by stating examples of disruptive innovation and shared the success story of his company 'Sukriti Vidyut Udyog' which now exports Silver plated copper wires apart from meeting domestic demand. He concluded his thoughts by sharing his own mantra of life i.e. 'Have Fun and Make Money'. The key takes from his address can be listed as:
Differentiation between Start-up & Small Business
Disruptive Innovation
Survival of the Start-up

Chief Guest - Dr. Lalit Kumar
made the gathering aware about Government initiatives to facilitate startups and introduced 'Catamaran - a venture capital fund started by Narayan Murthy'. He cited how entrepreneurship involves serendipity. He introduced Sulabh International, founded by Dr Bindeshwar Pathak and the full extent of their operations, how far they've come and its various social welfare initiatives. He derived from it the key characteristics of entrepreneurs entailing confidence, competence, courage, self-discipline, perseverance with a marketable idea. He centralized on the fact that the tech savvy youth will be the binding force to the New India. He concluded with the saying - "Think Big, Dream Big, Act Now, Your Time Starts Now". Thus, the overall message of his speech reflected on:
Initiatives to help startups
Brief about Sulabh International
Traits of budding entrepreneurs

With the end of the key note session, Dr. Sapna Rakesh announced that the reward prize money of the first place of ENventure will be equated by one of the panelists and Sulabh International will be equating the reward prize money of second position. With the help of a dedicated team of faculty, staff and students the inaugural session was executed with precision bringing a glory to each one associated with the program. The Seminar ended with a Vote of Thanks proposed by Dr. Geeti Sharma with the pursuit of holistic development of future entrepreneurs and creating well rounded value-based start-up culture for tomorrow. The guest then moved to the atrium for the inaugural ceremony of Start Up Expo.

Start up expo
"Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you"

With the zeal of enthusiasm and dedication to provide opportunity to the new comers in the market world IMS University Courses Campus organized a platform as startup Conclave. The startup expo conclave was held in our campus on 16th February 2019. There were 23 registrations from 14 organizations and institutes like Bunchi's, Raah foundation, Sulabh sanitation club, Carikture, sudden export, Sky heaven, Tiny garden, vastra walls, chickskin herbals etc. the organizations had different and innovative ideas that were very inspiring. The inauguration was done by Director Dr. Sapna Rakesh and distinguished guests Dr. Lalit Kumar, CA Pankaj Goel, Ms. Rajbala Bhati, Mr. Amit Kumar, Ms. Shashi Singh, and Mr. Sudhir Mohan Mittal .

All the exhibitors presented their ideas to judges with great zeal. The judges visited various stalls and inspected the ideas. The best part was the students from our institute also presented fabulous ideas and were praised by the judges. The event was perfectly managed and executed for which everybody had received the positive and valuable feedback from the judges as well as from the exhibitors which has added the shining stars in the history of IMS.

A business plan competition was initiated with more than 21 team participants from various colleges of Delhi NCR region who presented their innovative ideas and different business models. The motive behind organising a business plan competition was to help the participants clarify their strategy, identify potential roadblocks, decide what they'll need in the way of resources, and evaluate the viability of their idea or growth plans before they get started. We had a learned panel of judges to assess the participants on various parameters.

Prof. Kapil Mohan Garg - Chairperson, MIB, IMS UC Campus
Mr. Amit Kumar - Manager, SIDBI
CA Pankaj Goel - Chartered Accountant, Venture Capitalist, Ganpati Advisors
Ms. Rajbala- Entrepreneur and Promoter of Chicskin Cosmetics
Prof. Ashish Srivastava- IMS UC Campus
Prof. Anirudh Ghosh- IMS UC Campus
Dr. Puneet Mohan- Entrepreneur and Trainer

The session began with the introduction of judges and felicitating them with sapling and memento as a token of grace. Then the presentations were given by the participants and all the teams were evaluated on various grounds based on genesis of idea, creativity, innovation, technical feasibility, market feasibility, financial viability and social impact. All the teams were given knowledgeable feedback and generous input from our esteemed judges. This surely would have helped them to identify their loopholes. They were beautifully explained the importance of a BUSINESS PLAN by our judges, as investors rely on business plans to evaluate the feasibility of a business before funding it. From a huge list of innovative and interesting ideas presented by the 'to be entrepreneurs', a few are:
Automatic Toilet Cleaner ( to build a germ free toilet without manpower)
Body Nector (the main aim of the business idea is to prevent the nation from the consumption of tobacco with the help of their product and services)
Garbage Grinders ( utilizing the best from waste, collection of garbage from societies, converting it into compost and selling it online on Garbage Grinders) etc.
The objective of this competition was to provide a platform to budding entrepreneurs where they can convert their dreams into reality and learn from the experience of judges. The session ends with a positive feedback and suggestions to all the participants from judges.

The panel discussion was organised to clear the doubts in the young mind on entrepreneurship and start up concept. The theme of the session was role of incubators, Venture Capitalist, Government Policies, academia and other facilitator for promoting an entrepreneurial economy.The Panel consist of following experts from different domains:
MR CHAYAN MUKHOPADHYAY (Co- Founder- qandle)
MS. SAUYMA DUTTA ( Founder at triposse, and community heat at WE india)
CA PANKAJ GOEL (Venture Capitalist, Ganpati Advisors)
Mr PUNNET MOHAN ( Founder Director Loqman consultants pvt ltd)
Mr NARESH PRIYADARSHI ( CEO SSCBS innovation & incubation foundation SIIF)
And the Moderator of the session was very energetic Mr Siju Narayan GM-APAC &ME , loyalty juggerment inc.

The session began with the introduction of panelist and felicitating them with sapling and memento as a token of grace.The discussion was initiated by Mr.Siju Narayan.He highlighted the importance of need of entrepreneurs in today's business scenario. The first point that he asked the panelist was on how important is to have a big idea in business. Each panelist discussed about their business idea and how they have turned it into reality. The second point he focussed on was Mentoring and how a good mentor can help the struggling entrepreneur in their entrepreneurial journey.Each panelist discussed on role of mentors and how to choose a right mentor.The third point Mr. Siju raised was on importance of Funds. Each panelist discussed on various sources of funds and how an entrepreneur can arrange for funds through these sources.The last point discussed by each panelist was on Start up initiative from Government of India and how it is helping the entrepreneurs in achieving their goals of being an entrepreneur. The students asked various questions from each panelist.The session ended with great zeal among the students and on a gratitude note to all the panelist

The session began by congratulating all the participants for their sincere efforts in opening up new avenues in business world. There were two categories for awards:
Start up Expo Excellence Award
ENventure- Business Plan Competition

Prof. Sheetal Malik initiated by announcing the names of all the start up expo participants and they are felicitated by the Start up Expo Excellence Award for their exemplary contribution in various fields. The award was given in presence of all the distinguished guests, Director - IMS UC Campus and Chairperson Management department.

The following were the winners of ENventure- Business Plan Competition:

The first position was bagged by two teams Mr.Vaibhav Chaudhary, BBA final year, IMS UC Ghaziabad and Mr. Utkarsh Sharma, IGNOU and Mr.Kislay, BCA II Year student. They were rewarded with certificates of merit and a cash prize of INR 20000 each. (Total Prize Money INR 40000)

The second position was bagged by two teams Mr.Abhinav Dixit, MIB IMS UC Ghaziabad and Ms.Ritika from RAAH Foundation. RAAH Foundation was also being rewarded with a cash prize of INR 10000 announced by Sulabh. They were rewarded with certificates of merit and a cash prize of INR 15000 each.

The third position was bagged by Mr.Garvit Rajput and Mr.Shivansh from NIET Greater Noida. They were rewarded with certificates of merit and a cash prize of INR 10000.

Dr.Geeti Sharma Chairperson BBA Program proposed vote of thanks. The Start up Conclave 2019 ended with the distribution of Certificates of Participation to all the registered delegates.