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Event Topic SPARDHA 2019 - DAY 1
Category CLUB
Date & Day 8th March, 2019



"A champion is someone who gets up, even when he can't"

As an integral part of academic system, sports are generally recognised as system of activities, which serves to ensure fair competition with great zeal and full of enthusiasm. Keeping the same tradition IMS Ghaziabad university courses campus has been organizing sports fest SPARDHA from last 8 years. This year IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) organized its SPARDHA 2019- Annual sports fest on 8th & 9th March 2019.

Day 1 has captured event like athletics (including 100,200,400,800 and 1500M race, 400M relay race, high jump, discus throw, shot- put), kho-kho, volleyball, tug of war and cricket. Knock out matches for the same have already been conducted in past 4 days. The Institute promotes excellence in learning and holistic development of students, which is not possible without sports. This year SPARDHA 2019, witnessed the huge participation of students from all programs ( BBA,BCA,BJMC,Biosciences,MIB) in various games like Volley ball, Cricket, Tug of War, kho-kho and Athletics (100 M, 200 M, 400 M,800 M,1500 M, 400 M Relay) Shot put, discus throw and High Jump. The institute has lush green ground and state of art infrastructure for all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities, which was further strengthened by organising the sports activities throughout the year.

Day 1, 8th March 2019

The inauguration commenced at 10:00 am with National anthem and the two day Annual Sports Fest of IMS GHAZIABAD (University Courses Campus), SPARDHA-2019 started with great gala gaiety on Friday, March 08, 2019. The inaugural address by Dr. Sapna Rakesh, Director, IMSUC Campus emphasized that the grand affair is being organized to provide a platform to the students to showcase their versatility. She also highlighted the importance of clear vision, focused approach & determination towards achieving one's goals. This fest promised a splendid blend of more than 10 events covering 100m, 200 m, 400m, 800m, 1500m race, Tug of War, Cricket, Discus Throw etc. with a student base of around 500, and 5-10 participant each event. Students representing various departments participated in various games. The two-day fest will continue till Saturday where many more events are about to take place on March 09, 2019. SPARDHA 2019 was coordinated by sports society and managed by Dr. Shilpi Sarna, Mr. Uday Singhta, Prof. Vanchan Tripathi and Dr. Suman Kumar.

Mr. Manpreet Kharia (sports officer basis education, technical chairman athletic association and praiser kho-kho association Hapur) graced the occasion with his presence and was felicitated with an eco-friendly sapling by Prof. Santosh shah. Mr. Ravindra Gurjar (sports officer basis education, vice president athletic association and secretary kho-kho association Hapur) was felicitated with an eco-friendly sapling Dr. Rahul Jain.

This year the SPARDHA 2019 had a focus on women empowerment as March 8 is celebrated as International Women's day. "Women are the real architects of society" and the event started with the Run for woman dignity. In this event some boys ran 100 m with duppata to give a tribute to all the women of our society to show their understanding of carrying certain dress.

The formal competition started with 100 m race. The shortest common outdoor running distance and it is one of the most popular and prestigious event in sport of athletics. IMS Ghaziabad university courses campus organised 100 m race for girls and witnessed the huge participation of students from all programs. 34 students (17 girls+17 boys) participated in this event.

The next event was 200m race. The 200 metres is a sprint running event. The race begins on the curve and ends on the home straight, so a combination of techniques is needed to successfully run the race. The 200 m places more emphasis on speed endurance. 13 girls and 15 boys participated in this event.

On the occasion of women's day female faculty members of IMS Ghaziabad University courses campus also participated in an event namely bangle race in which the participants have to ran 100m and need to wore bangles that have been placed at the ending point. Due to immense zeal of the faculty members we have received 15 participation and Prof.Yagbala kapil emerged as the winner of the event and our honorable director ma'am Dr. Sapna Rakesh bagged the second position.

High jump is a track and field event in which competitors must jump unaided over a horizontal bar placed at measured heights without dislodging it. In our Institution IMS Ghaziabad most practiced format, a bar is placed between two standards with a crash mat for landing was our next event in which 7 boys & 7 girls participated.

Our next event was 400 M race for both boys and girls and 16 boys and 12 girls participated in this event marked this event as a great success with there confidence and enthusiasm among the participants as well as audience.

Discuss throw, sport in athletics (track and field) in which a disk - shaped object known as discus, is thrown for distance. In our competitions the discus must be thrown from a circle 2.5 metres(8.2feet) in diameter and fall within a 40-degree sector marked on the ground from the center of the circle. 10 Boys and 7 girls participated in this event and made this event a great success.

Javelin throwing involves a spear like implement that is hurled with an over-the-shoulder motion at the end of an approach run was held after discus throw in which 29 boys & 19 girls participated.

Now we moved to our next event which was 800 M race where 7 boys and 5 girls participated with their fullest spirit to win the same.

Shot put in which a spherical weight is thrown or put from the shoulder for distance was our next event in which 16 boys & 13 girls participated with full enthusiasm.

Now the next event was of 1500M race which is the foremost middle distance track event in athletics in which boys & girls participated.

Tug of War (also known as tug o'war, tug war, rope war, rope pulling, or tugging war) is a sport that pits two teams against each other in the test of strength: teams pull on opposite ends of rope, with the goal being to bring the rope a certain distance in one direction against the force of the opposite team's pull was our next event in which 6 teams of girls and 10 teams of boys participated.

Volleyball is a popular team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court under organized rules was our next event which indeed requires a high endurance and in this event9 boys and 3 girls teams participated

Last but not the least the most energetic sport Cricket is a bat and ball played between two teams of eleven players on a field at the center of which is a 20 metre (22-yard) pitch with a wicket at each end each comprising two bails balanced on three stumps was held in which 13 teams of boys and 2 teams of girls participated. And by this the first day of SPARDHA ended with great enthusiasm.