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Guest Lectures


Event Topic Guest Lecture on "Finance & Account"
Date & Day 14th August, 2019


Guest Lecture on "Finance & Account"

IMS UC Campus organizes guest lecture for MIB batch 2019-21 .Speaker for the event was Mr. Gagandeep who has an experience of 15 years in the finance sector came to share his experience and knowledge with the students.Accordingly he started with the basics of accounting,how accounting works and how it differs from finance.After that he breifed them about how accounting helps in real life.While coming towards share/stock market students were give knowledge about insight of the stock market Later he tried to remove that fear of trading from their minds of students.By telling them how it is same as the normal market and how in both the markets various risk were involved. He also explained the working of stock market and role of SEBI as a regulator. Afterwards students were given various examples of buisness failures how that had happened over the time keeping them as an example of how lack of proper knowledge of accounting and financing.He also explained them about "Vijay Malya" case."Venezuela" reccesion was a major thing to look upon the current best example how world largest oil provider is suffering and not even having proper food and shelter. Session ended with question answer round and overall it was great leaning experience for all students