Guest Lectures


Event Topic Workshop on Python Programming
Category CLUB
Date & Day 15th November, 2019


Workshop on Python Programming

Desktop App Club of IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) always acknowledges technological innovation, technical excellence and accolades every year. This time we organized "Workshop on Python Programming" on 15th November 2019. This workshop was for BCA first year students by the student coordinators of Desktop App Club. It was a successful workshop with the full coordination of conveners. It couldn't be achieved without the immense participation of BCA first year students who participate with full zeal and zest. This event also focuses on Peer Teaching pedagogy in which BCA 2nd year students share their knowledge and skills with the students of BCA 1st year.

This workshop was intended to bring students to up to speed in Python. Through this workshop students got the chance to explore more about Python Programming Language specially Introduction to Python (Needs and Features of Python), Data type support, Conditional statements and Loops with Practical Demonstration in Lab. Students enjoyed the workshop and also became curious to learn and polish their knowledge on Python Programming. This workshop was appreciated by the all students, as they were able to add another programming language in their technical skill set. Workshop was organized and coordinated by Dr. Alok Singh Chauhan, Faculty Coordinator - Desktop App Club.

Special thanks to following student coordinators of Desktop App Club:
Harsh Kumar - President, Desktop App club (BCA 2nd year)
Akshita Goel - Vice President, Desktop App club (BCA 2nd year)
Sachit Sharma - Secretary, Desktop App club (BCA 2nd year)