Guest Lectures


Event Topic Seminar on Data Visualization using Matplotlib
Category E-Tech Cell
Date & Day 5th February, 2020

A webinar was organized for the students of BCA students by the Emerging Tech Cell. The topic of the Webinar was ?Data Visualization using Matplotlib?. The guest for the Seminar was Ms. Veena Sharda, who is a C# Corner MVP. The students were introduced to how to perform Data Visualization using Matplotlib library in Python. The guest taught students on some basics of plotting graphs and how to use simple library codes to derive valuable insights in the form of graphs. She focused on the use cases of the tech and how it can help ahead in Data Sciences. They tapped into the students learning path for progressing in the field ahead. The guests were appreciated by Head of Dept., Dr. Gagan Varshney with mementos as a gesture of token. The Seminar was full of learning and grasping for the students." Learning Outcome: 1. Students got an insight into Data Visualization. 2. Students got to experience how to make visualizations using Data. 3. Students got to know the value of Data Sciences.