Professional Scientific

Professional Scientific Communication

School of Biosciences, Institute of Management Studies, University Courses Campus, Ghaziabad, offers a specialization in Professional scientific communication to train the students in report writing, content editing and presentation skills for a variety of audiences and a range of publication forms. The module will be covered by new learning strategies like presentation, hands-on writing and communicating practices summed up with theory lectures to learn tricks and techniques of effective communication. The training will be provided through an amalgamated instructional program that focuses on learning skills like information retrieval, scientific reading and writing, data representation. Each student will get the chance to participate, present and publish the abstract or article in national and international conferences as a part of the course coverage.

If a student wants to bridge the gap between scientific research and public and wants to combine high-quality life science research with professional science communication, this specialization is an excellent opportunity. By the course, we are preparing 1000`s of students to compete for various career prospects like science or health communicator, policy maker, PR officer, science journalist, health officer or a researcher with a communicating mindset.

Effective science communication is to have a positive impact on the way science is viewed by the public. There are a considerable number of carrier prospects chosen by some science communicators like Communications Director or Specialist, Editor-in-Chief, Medical Affairs Manager, Medical Affairs Publications Manager, Medical Writer, Outreach Scientist, Public Information Officer at a University or College, Research Analyst, Scientific Advisor (to a law firm), Science Communicator and Feature Writer, Social Media Manager.

If a student wants to be an effective science communicator or enjoy writing, speaking, or communicating science in any way, then he/she should explore the variety of science communication. Thus, mastering a variety of communication formats suitable for communicating research results and findings, will improve interactions with a specific audience. All in all, the Professional science communication specialization program is for valuable time investment that can have a tremendous societal impact. And the return on this investment is truly rewarding.

  2nd Year 3rd Year
Theoretical session Basic grammatical techniques for clear and formal writing. Techniques to write scientific and research articles
English editing Editing sentence formation
Assignment to write an article for publishing in science magazine and blog etc. Assignment to write research article for publishing in UGC approved journal and dissertation report.
Presentation of analytical data in article Presentation of data analysis in research paper and PPT
Scientific communication Making Power point presentation on science topics Making Power point presentation for research and review article
Graphical representation oral and poster presentation
Visit to scientific communication workshop Visit to national and international conferences
Assessment Written Written
Presentation of their own published article Presentation of research article
80% Attendance is compulsory 80% Attendance is compulsory